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For the Holy Shrines and Sanctuaries
Panorama Alkafeel
The Supreme Religious authority presents its condolences for the Dhi Qar bombings and demands the government to take serious measures and stresses the need for unity and renun
Important Contents of the Sermon
Text of the Sermon
  • we offer our deepest condolences and sympathy to the families of the victims of the terrorist operation in Dhi Qar
  • , the ISIL enemy tries to take revenge from the innocent civilians with these criminal acts.
  • it is essential that the central government and the officials in the provinces take the appropriate and serious measures to protect citizens from terrorists.
  • The bombings are the method of the cowards, therefore, the security agencies have to be careful
  • the security agencies should unite with each other to prevent repetition of such incident.
  • The Supreme Religious authority stresses the need for unity and renunciation of the division.